The 2024 Paris Olympics

The Olympic Games, the famous sporting gathering between the countries of the world that yearns for the joy of participating for whatever reason, are cherished by all. Olympic aspirations are based on the contribution of a future in which humanity lives in peace, all through sports education, a subject that makes us live and feel strong emotions. The Olympic Games promote pacifist relations between each nation, despite the negative worldview that some may give.

Every four years, the best athletes compete on a panel of about 30 disciplines – depending on the country and the period – the Olympic Games are one of the world’s biggest events. Paris, the city of light, the French capital of all gourmets, a rich heritage and an elegant environment, a refined culture, has obtained the chance to be able to organize the Summer Olympic Games in 2024.

There are three municipalities in which the Olympic Villages will take place, Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen and Ile-Saint-Denis will this time host 15,600 athletes. The new infrastructure will result in 3,000 housing units designed according to the criteria for families and students. Parks and green spaces that have been used by the various disciplines will be rehabilitated, and local offices and shops will be set up to fill the premises created.

The priority is left to respect an environmental promise, in fact according to the construction plans, the commitments in terms of carbon sobriety are respected, it concerns the protection and development of biodiversity or compliance with carbon neutrality using bio-based materials such as wood. Work will begin in 2021 and be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023. The city of the future eco-responsible and functional will then fulfill the desires of the company as well as the expectations expected during the Paris climate agreement in 2050.

In the end, 500,000 visitors are expected this year, the City of Light will simply be able to rely on its proven reception capabilities. The capital has more than 133,000 guest rooms, and 99,000 other types of accommodation that are available within a 10 km radius of Paris. Hotels, guest houses, private rentals, the construction of 7,854 additional hotel rooms is also on the agenda. During the Olympic Games, residents will be happy to rent some or all of their property for economic purposes. To do their best, the hosts will organize a dignified reception and plan to communicate to foreigners a Paris Guide where the selected good plans are infused.

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In the middle of summer, Paris is revealed. In the middle of this season the blue sky reveals all the beauty of the capital, this stay intended to support the athletes, a fabulous time to discover a typical cultural richness. Not to mention the charm of a simple stroll through the streets of Paris, in the boroughs where the splendid contemporary architectures, monuments and sites of Paris are located, the most famous monuments and sites of Paris which, although touristic, are unavoidable. The Arc de Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre Museum, the Père-Lachaise Cemetery, the Luxembourg Garden, the Opera Garnier, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, all these names so famous around the world do not go unnoticed. There are hundreds of things to do. Often, it is very nice to relax during a ride in a barge on the Seine passing in the heart of Paris when the influx of people can be petulant.


In order to finance the event, it is necessary to count on sponsors, with great help, global partnerships can in a complementary way contribute to the organization of the games by providing goods and services. The whole organization is based on a multitude of categories; transportation, catering, health, safety, consumer products, all telecommunications and other modes of distribution are among the factors to be taken into account – including Coca-Cola, samsung, toyota, omega, airbnb, intel, panasonic, and many others, around the world.

To participate in the project, at a press conference were announced the leading national sponsors of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the BPCE Bank taking over from the EDF group. Linked to the smooth running of the Olympics, the support of the selected companies is essential, so the Olympic Partners Programme is the highest level of sponsorship, granting them exclusive marketing rights in a given category. . The many companies headquartered in Paris have the opportunity to enhance their advertising potential.


Athletism, Olympic games – ©Free-Photos, CC0 Creative Commons

The competition is approaching, the athletes start training and never end. There are 28 sports in the summer Olympics between athletics, swimming, fencing, handball, judo and diving, and there are many traditions. The link between sports competition, physical activity and culture is respected in the choice of disciplines. Finally, while French athletes must prove themselves, most officials say they believe that the virtues of sport are predominant in a society in the midst of a social revolution, this brings a chance to stimulate growth economic sofage, all that needs to be said is whether France is a country of sportsmen or a sporting nation.

The countdown is on, with 20,000 accredited journalists, 100,000 hours of telecasts, 15,000 spectators for the Torch Relay, 4 billion viewers, 50,000 volunteers, 306 events the XXIII Olympiad will once again be celebrated at Wonder.